NEW! Photos for Dating Profiles

I am now offering a special service specifically aimed at creating authentic images for your dating profiles. I'm SUPER excited about this new direction!
Services are provided a la carte to tailor to your specific needs. 

  • Authentic photos to reflect who you truly are
  • Recommendations on hair and makeup artists and stylists
  • Assessment and review of your current profile to ensure that it reflects who you are
  • Review and curating additional photos from your existing photos to ensure that you have a variety
  • Review of your current written bio and assistance in editing and/or writing a new bio

Art/Creative Direction

I offer creative and art direction for photo shoots, social media campaigns, branding and more. 

  • Working with clients to ensure that their needs are heard 
  • Creating the overall direction and look and feel of photo and video shoot
  • Ensuring that branding guidelines are met
  • Delivering exceptional content for the client
  • Directing photo and video shoots to ensure that the product aligns with the vision
  • Directing and managing creatives on set 


I've been called to support my clients in nearly every aspect running this business over the years. With this broad experience, I am able to support your needs across the board. Read below to learn more! 

People Photography

I shoot people in any format!

  • fashion brands (lookbooks, e-commerce, social media etc.)
  • fashion bloggers and models
  • musicians (for promos, singles or ep covers and publications)
  • actors (promos, headshots or social media)
  •  images for professionals and their websites, such as for entrepreneurs and business coaches
  • Family, wedding and personal photos just for you (because you deserve it!)
  • commercial photography (ads and publications)
  • AND MORE! Let's chat!


I offer my services as a director and DP for music videos, promo videos, social media clips, films and more.

Private Lessons & Content For Photographers of all levels

  • I offer private lessons in basic camera functions, lighting, editing and more.  
  • Lessons tailored just for you with one-on-one instruction 
  • Presets designed for Adobe Lightroom to speed up your workflow at Strong Creative Lab
  • COMING SOON: Online video courses for photography instruction