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I'm a Los Angeles based Photographer, Content Creator, Creative Director & Social Strategist. 

I’m known for capturing authentic, emotive and powerful still and moving images; my creative ideas and strategy; and my ability to create a safe place for clients and those around me to be themselves, be honored and be heard.

I both shoot and strategize with major brands, influencers, fashion brands, musicians, celebrities, commercial clients and publications. I specialize in fashion, lifestyle, editorial, social media content and commercial creating social media and web content, lookbooks, e-commerce, promos, music videos, short narratives and more.

My shoots and strategy have a strong aesthetic with inspired artistic and creative direction.

In all of my jobs, from creative direction and strategy to hands-on shooting, I call upon my multi-level experience as a freelancer to execute content creation all the way from pre to post production.  From brainstorming concepts and strategy for and with clients, getting deep into the “why”, designing look and feel boards, collaborating with team members, utilizing resources wisely, sourcing and guiding freelancers, and shooting and editing, I’ve gleaned a diverse set of skills and experience. I’m highly motivated by any job that goes beyond just making pretty and smart content, but has an opportunity to create a positive impact beyond the aesthetics.

Clients & Publications include:
SONOS, Uber, Redbull, Disney Baby, Levi’s Target, Old Navy, Mindy Kaling, Ashley Tisdale, SOKO, Moby, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Boston Globe, BMG, UMG, LA Weekly and more

My uniquely designed presets can be found at Strong Creative Lab.

Follow my Skillshare classes on photography here.

Professional Associations:

Member of ASMP
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Photo by Heather Bejar

Photo by Heather Bejar