Welcome to the I AM photo project, a new series of shoots and interviews which aims to look beyond what you see on the surface.

As an artist, I am drawn to aesthetics and beauty in this world, be it the quiet sunrise in the desert, witnessing a tender exchange between strangers or seeking out beauty which others may not see straight away.

As a woman of mixed racial background, I have been asked my whole life, "what are you?" to which I want to say, "I'm an artist, photographer, musician and mother who is deeply spiritual and loves to cook and also loves dark chocolate." But that's not the answer people want to hear. Because of my experiences in this arena, I was called to create a series that asks you to look beyond the beauty, race, cultural background, lifestyle or outward appearance of others.  I shoot a variety of people who to me, are beautiful on the outside but beyond that, everyone I work with has so much more going on underneath. And that is everything to me. 

The people I love to work with have both an inner beauty and a calling to serve the world beyond what you may expect.

Please enjoy the series, published on VSCO, by going to my Journal.