Quick & Dirty Batch Editing in Lightroom

As scary as doing Facebook Live videos have been for me, I am really starting to enjoy doing them! It's really fun to connect with friends from all over and to share some things I've learned with this platform. It's helping me get over my stage fright and to feel more comfortable in a "public" setting in such a big way! It's even helping me in my voice lessons and being more confident singing in front of others, even if it's just around my house.  I am so happy that I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going in. 

I've been asking for feedback on topics that people may be interested in and I've been getting a lot of requests for editing techniques.  So I decided to do my third Facebook Live as a demonstration on batch editing in Lightroom. 

Facebook! I have a request! I'd really love to be able to switch from camera to screenshare in one video. This feature is not an option at this point in time, so I ended up making 3 separate videos for this one lesson: an intro video of me talking about what I'd be covering; the actual screenshare of the editing process on Lightroom; and finally a closing video of me saying thank you. Facebook! I have a second request! I'd also really love to be able to see comments and questions while the screenshare is on. I wasn't able to see what people were asking about during the demonstration.  

Despite the limitations, I really do love the Facebook Live feature! It's such an easy way to get info out to my friends and family and to anyone else who wants to follow along. 

Without further ado, I present to you the video on batch editing in Lightroom. I used Adobe Premier to stitch the three videos together into one quick and dirty video lesson. 

As always, please feel free to ask me any questions about any of this! 

Happy Wednesday! 

xo Suzie