Crazy Special on Styling!

Personal Styling Offer!

Holy smokes, you guys. 

My good friend, Betty Barajas, aka The Rock and Roll Stylist, is offering a CRAZY low styling rate to go along in conjunction with my dating photo special. Betty is a WHIZ at styling for any look: from vintage to contemporary.  

BOOK HER NOW for in-person styling when you book a mini session with me this for this Thursday, 2/15 for ONLY $25!!! When you sign up with Betty for this special, please bring 2-3 outfits for her to put together into ONE amazing fit--because we want you to look as fly as possible in these photos.  You guys have NO idea what a bargain you're getting! Betty is so excited to help me help you find authentic connections in LA, that she is offering this at a crazy discount. 
Contact Betty at to book!

And if you want to shoot another day with me this week (click links below to reserve your space) and are not available to have her assist in person on Thursday, Betty is offering her virtual styling expertise via Skype or FaceTime at $25 for 1/2 hour or $40 for 1 hour. She can also assist you with virtual styling for the mini shoot on Thursday if you'd like to get a jumpstart before your shoot. 

As women who have been involved on the internet dating scene, Betty and I know how important it is that one looks like their best self in their photos...through the images and how they choose to express themselves through their clothes.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

Please check her work below! This is a dream opportunity for y'all!

***Styling services are an add-on to the photo shoot and are not required to do the shoots :)